The 9 Card Big Buck Trifold
The 9 Card Big Buck Trifold
The 9 Card Big Buck Trifold
The 9 Card Big Buck Trifold
The 9 Card Big Buck Trifold

The 9 Card Big Buck Trifold

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Love having tons of space to carry everything you could possibly need? This trifold design easily holds up to 18 cards and the massive cash pocket can hold large assortments of cash. All while folding into a tiny profile half an inch tall that barely covers the palm of my hand. Our custom tanned deerskin is thin but incredibly strong which allows for a sturdy wallet without all of the bulk. 

LACUESA's leather is already incredibly unique. The beautiful deerskin grain pattern, scratch marks and tick bites, tell the story of an animal's life lived wild and free. Now it's time to add your story to the leather! As your LACUESA wallet ages it will develop a character and patina distinctive to you and your experiences, making your LACUESA wallet a truly one of a kind piece.


  • Made from LACUESA's natural deerskin leather sourced responsibly from hunters in the USA.
  • Handstitched by myself or other individual artisans, using the (unable to be replicated by machinery) saddle stitching method which will never unravel. 
  • 1 bill slot that can large amounts of cash
  • 9 card slots: as the leather softens these can be easily doubled up to hold 18 cards total.  
  • Dimensions when folded: 3.6" x 4.4" / 9 cm x 11.2cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Connor Cornwell
Connor’s review

I’ve used and abused the wallet already and I love it! I’d recommend it to anyone wanting a unique piece to connect them to the outdoors.

Robert Hays
Dad loves this wallet!

This wallet is extremely well made and feels very durable. This was a great gift.

Barry Bong
Great wallet.

Great wallet. I actually have 15+ cards in it with no problems. I carry it in my front pocket and at most times don’t even know it’s there.

Brad Bathgate
Well worth the money.

Very happy with the wallet. Top notch craftsmanship highly recommend to anyone in need of a wallet that will actually last more then a couple yrs.

This wallet fits me perfectly!

Picture this... A neat freak that lives in the NYC area who loves nature, attention to detail and therefore can be a pest to live with. That is me! and after looking at other wallets made in America, I came across this one. No other wallet that I've come across suits my crazy self like this one!