The 6 Card Typical Bifold
The 6 Card Typical Bifold
The 6 Card Typical Bifold

The 6 Card Typical Bifold

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The 6 Card Typical Bifold is the perfect back pocket carry. The traditional billfold design facilitates easy access for someone who still uses cash on a daily basis. Our custom tanned deerskin is thin but incredibly strong which allows for a sturdy wallet without all of the bulk. 

LACUESA's leather is already incredibly unique. The beautiful deerskin grain pattern, scratch marks and tick bites, tell the story of an animal's life lived wild and free. Now it's time to add your story to the leather! As your LACUESA wallet ages it will develop a character and patina distinctive to you and your experiences, making your LACUESA wallet a truly one of a kind piece.


  • Made from LACUESA's full grain natural deerskin leather sourced responsibly from hunters in the USA.
  • Handstitched by myself or other individual artisans, using the (unable to be replicated by machinery) saddle stitching method which will never unravel. 
  • 1 bill slot that can hold multiple bills
  • 6 card slots: as the leather softens these can be easily doubled up to hold 12 cards total.  
  • Dimensions when folded: 3.4" x 4.5" / 8.5cm x 11.5cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 161 reviews
Josh Zitting

Well built wallet, I've had it 2 weeks and it's already softening up and breaking in to be more comfortable

Curtis Toomer
Great Product!

Amazing wallets.

Juan Morga
What a purchase

I bought this wallet because my old one was falling apart. Little did I know, this wallet has a magical ability to make me feel rich even when I'm broke! It's like the Harry Potter of wallets. I open it up, and the few bills I have look like a treasure trove. 10/10, would recommend if you need a confidence boost every time you pay for something!

Ian Eckrote
Amazing quality!

It’s only been a week of daily use but so far it’s breaking in very nicely! So far it’s amazing and I don’t anticipate that changing.

Bought as a gift

From the moment it was opened it was loved! Great quality leather and in the stitching, plenty of room for cash and cards.