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Really nice!

I love it .Just the right size!

Whitetail what can I say

If you love hunting pick yourself up one of these. Super cool and unique product to show off to the boys.

Nice Wallet

Its a really nice wallet and I really like the leather, however it is a bit tight to get the cards in.

Hi Roy, thanks for the kind comments! On the tightness of the leather, this is 100% natural leather so it will soften up and stretch over time. After a few weeks you should even be able to double up (two cards in one slot) the cards if you want. If you want to speed up the softening, you can rub some neatsfoot or even regular old extra virgin olive oil on there.

Amazing product

The photos don’t do this wallet’s sturdy construction justice. I’ve never seen it’s quality equaled in stores. Really great job, thanks!

Perfect Size

Beautiful minimalist wallet - exactly what I was looking for to simplify cards/cash that I carry. 

Never going back

One of my buddies had a LACUESA wallet. The most I’d previously ever spent on a wallet is probably $20, so this was definitely new price territory for me. But wow the quality and feel of this thing! I’ll never go back to a cheap department store wallet again.

Dad Loved It

My dad’s an avid hunter and I gifted this to him for his birthday. He absolutely loves it.

Amazing Quality

The quality of this wallet/leather is unbelievable. Once you feel this wallet in your hand, you’ll know exactly what I mean.


It’s perfect! Thank you!


Fantastic and unique wallet that is absolutely worth the price.

10 Stars

If I could give this 10 stars, I would! I’ve never seen a deerskin wallet before. Now I own one :)


Great craftsmanship. 5 Stars!

Great Quality

The deerskin is very high quality and the craftsmanship is excellent. I really like the robust minimalist design of this card holder. Less really is more.


Nice leather

just do it

After using this for a few weeks I can safely say I won’t buy a wallet from another company again. Well… the way this thing is constructed maybe I won’t be buying another wallet again full stop. Great job LACUESA!


Brought as a present for my boyfriend who loves it. It's such amazing quality and beautifully crafted. Arrived quicker than expected.

Great Gift

My husband is very picky with wallets and honestly it is impossible to have them meet all his requirements. This one nailed it! It is every bit as small as he needs but fits all his items. There is a bit of stretching that will need to happen as with all leather products.


Excellent wallet. Seller gives excellent customer service and ensures you are happy with product. I would definitely buy from them again.


After having carried this wallet daily for over a month, I would recommend this to friends and family. It is really well constructed and very attractive. The deerskin definitely different than normal cowskin and I like the idea of having something no one else has in their pocket. Prior to purchasing this wallet I had considered getting a “luxury” or designer wallet, however, I am very happy I went this direction. If you are looking for a truly unique item that will last you know where to look.